February 29, 2012

Work-from-home freelance writers wanted for Manhattan law firm

Here's an alternative to working for free for a law firm. All you is to be "mentally stable" and able to type...

Freelance writers wanted to work part time for law firm based in Manhattan in the evenings any 4 hours between 3pm and 8pm. Experienced. Must have typing skills, active in the use of computers. Mentally stable in dealing with papers and determined. Compensation: $10 an hour. Telecommuting is ok.


Unpaid Spanish-speaking attorney jobs in NYC

This law firm is seeking several "recent law school graduate" and the compensation is listed as "unpaid (but) academic credit available." How are you supposed to receive academic credit if you've already graduated law school? Might as well just pay your employees in Monopoly money...

Recent Law School Graduate and Paralegal Graduate

A Civil and Criminal Litigation Law firm handling various legal cases of personal injury, divorces, criminal arrests, vehicle and traffic law, administrative law, commercial transactions
and others.

Qualifications: JD Degree or Paralegal Degree-Spanish Speaking Fluency Required.

Position Description: Interns will be exposed to the inner working of a law firm. Interns shall receive training in the areas of practice of the firm. Daily assignment include accompanying attorneys to court and attend client consultations. This is a great opportunity for exposure to Criminal and Civil cases. Interns will learn about commercial disputes, divorce, arrests and personal injury cases.

Position Starts: As soon as possible
Hours: 15-20
Openings available: Several
Salary: Unpaid. Academic Credit Available


February 28, 2012

Denver attorney wanted for "a very unique position"

Thanks to the reader who sent this job opportunity to us this. Job highlights:  "Being athletic is ... preferred. We do not advocate a lot of prescription drug use ...  The right attorney for this career will have to be willing to work on advertising and bring advertising experience with them ... The office is little and shared ...  The attorney we hire will not be hateful and spiteful to his/her staff ... We do require someone with at least five years experience as an attorney ... Compensation: $2000.00 (Winter) - $6000.00 (Summer)"...

This is unique position. You will be the only attorney who oversees the work performed. You will have to be responsible. You will be responsible for COLTAF funds and paying billing cycle as work is performed. This will not include disparaging comments to colleagues. The attorney who needs this career will be humane and gifted and sharing and caring. We need someone who loves what they do and is not the only one who is right. The attorney we are looking for is experienced at knowing their is talent and knowledge in everyone, not just them. Narcicistic leadership is troublesome and can cause to much hatred. Hence, we need an attorney who is willing to understand both sides and not only theirs. We need some selflessness and some selfishness, but an even balance of the two, not just someone into themselves. These are important characteristics. Just because everyone needs and wants a career, but they do not need to be constantly wrong to keep it. We need someone with compassion and direct effect.

This position is open for an attorney only. Being athletic is not required but preferred. Being a morning person will increase your chances at working here. You will also be required to pass a drug and alcohol screening. We do not advocate a lot of prescription drug use either.

The right attorney for this career will have to be willing to work on advertising and bring advertising experience with them.

The attorney we hire will not be hateful and spiteful to his/her staff. He/She will have tact, skill and grace. This position requires a high level of etiquette. We need an attorney who cares about the clients and understands, does not yell or act disgruntled by phone calls from clients and colleagues.

This position will be filled by an attorney who knows that they love what they do, has extra-curricular activities to help during the slow season. This attorney must be trustworthy, personable, and have the right attire for the occassion. Not always a suit and tie, however some.

COLTAF funds need to be distributed appropriately, but not so pinch penny that they are not even distributed at all for work that employees perform. Arguments and troublesome behavior over money that is earned and billed needs to be paid comfortably, our staff does not wish to fight like a third world country to be paid, and treated poorly and not worthy of funds earned. We are liberal and not conservative. Monies paid to staff are at times are large sums. We need an attorney who encourages business and building business, not setting limits because they have an adjusted student loan or low income housing or something that they are trying to accomplish other then helping their firm increase into something successful.

The office is little and shared. We are trying to build someone who is willing to help and loves what they do. Why? We wish to move into a bigger office with more room and we need a leader who is willing to work with us, not at us. We do not encourage or allow for meeting clients in homes or coffee houses, as this is against the code of conduct. Are you a man or a woman? We do not discriminate.

Also, we do require someone with at least five years experience as an attorney. We need an attorney who is seasoned in the field of law, we handle Bankruptcy, Divorce, Criminal, DUI, Traffic, Civil and other fields. We do not specialize.

Bilingual is helpful, not necessary.

Location: Denver
Compensation: $2000.00 (Winter) - $6000.00 (Summer)


Stamford, Conn. law firm seeks attorney for secretary job

This job was sent to us by a reader, who comments: "'Lawyer or legal secretary' (or waiter or dog walker or car washer) - apparently they are all interchangeable at this point with attorneys earning the least."

Hmm, we'd love to see an attorney wanted to walk dog ad. But this one might have that beat along with the one below.

Lawyer or Legal Secretary for solo family law practitioner in Stamford. Excellent phone and computer skills necessary including Microsoft Office Word and Quickbooks. There will be extensive client contact required so the right candidate will be personable, friendly and helpful. Job also includes scheduling, correpondence, billing, filing and basic office management. Familiarity with legal pleadings, court procedure and court filing a necessity. Part-time (20 hours per week, flexible) to start but potential for full-time. Great opportunity for lawyer to expand their resume.


February 27, 2012

Paid legal internship in California's Bay Area

This career opportunity aimed at recent bar takers was forwarded to us by a reader, who keenly notes: "Notice that this position is in 'South' San Francisco, a different municipality altogether from San Francisco. Good thing for them, because that $10/hr salary would be illegal in San Francisco, where the minimum wage is $10.24/hr."

An attorney/client matching services firm is seeking a part time to full time legal intern (15-40hrs/week) to help with a variety of legal writing projects. Work will commence immediately and continue during the spring semester and potentially into the summer. Pay is $10/hr.

Qualifications: current law student or recent bar taker who is intelligent and motivated, with an interest in applications of law to business and technology. No prior legal experience is needed, but you must be a stickler for detail, a strong writer, a hard worker (no chronic web surfers please), and have the ability to think "outside the box."


Junior document review attorney jobs in NYC

$25/hr in Manhattan and they want "top schools and academics" and "experience with an AmLaw top 200 Law firm or Fortune 500 Corporation"...

Currently recruiting junior attorneys for a document review project that will start Tuesday, February 28 and will last approximately one week.

Qualified candidates will:
--Be licensed in good standing in one or more United States Jurisdictions
--Have electronic discovery experience with an AmLaw top 200 Law firm or Fortune 500 Corporation

Preference will be given to candidates with:
-- experience with Documatrix
-- IT/software experience

Top schools and academics are always a plus.

This is a great opportunity to join a growing team. Excellent bonus program available!

Compensation: $25/hour


Attorneys wanted to copy and file court documents in NY, NJ & PA

To summarize, attorneys are wanted to do secretarial and courier work for less than what a secretary or courier would make...

Seeking law clerks, paralegals or attorneys to file papers in court and copy court files.

Ideal candidates are those who are in court on a regular basis.

The compensation will be $15 for the first assignment, $10 for each additional within same court on same day, plus copy machine fees. Some exceptions apply. Transportation will not be reimbursed.

After filing or coping documents, you will need to promptly fax, mail, or bring me copies.

Experience is required.

Volume is light but growing.

Seeking people to cover all NYC, NY, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester & Long Island, New Jersey Superior Courts, Special Civil Part and Law Division, Pennsylvania

In your response, please state the geographical areas you can cover.

Thank you


February 26, 2012

Work-from-home attorney job opportunity in New York

This job ad was forwarded to us by a reader, who writes: "If you need any further confirmation that nothing good can come out of looking at Craigslist jobs on a Saturday, here it is. An 'immediate opening' on the weekend, so I guess this guy's legal projects must indeed be pressing. My transcript, a writing sample, AND a response to a hypo, all for a chance at $20/no benefits? Why sure, I'll cancel my plans for tonight and get right on that"...

Immediate opening for an attorney to work on a contract basis to research, write, edit and proofread legal memos and papers.

I have several pressing legal projects that I need an attorney to assist me with.

Excellent research and writing skills are a must. No court appearances are required.

You can do a significant portion of the work from home.

Contract work will be based on $20.00 per hour. No benefits.

This could lead to a fulltime position.

Please forward law school transcript and writing sample.
In addition, please respond to the following issue:

ISSUE: Respondent files a pre-answer motion to dismiss an Article 78 proceeding on the basis that a another action is already pending in Federal Court between the same parties, which action was commenced by the petitioner in the Article 78 proceeding, and in the action in Federal Court the petitioner alleged ten causes of action, and two of these causes of action seek nearly identical relief as in the Article 78 proceeding. Before the return date of the motion to dismiss the Article 78 proceeding, the petitioner voluntarily dismisses the Federal Action, and files a new action that omits the two causes of action that duplicated the relief being sought in the Article 78 proceeding. Identify two reported cases that demonstrate the motion to dismiss must be denied.


February 25, 2012

Entry-level attorney jobs in California's Bay Area

Every few months, this firm seems to advertise for entry-level lawyers on Craigslist. The good news is they've upped pay from $9 per hour to a whopping $14-$18 per hour! We would say don't spend it all in one place. But that might prove difficult in a pricey place like the San Francisco area. 

We are a small but fast growing law firm in Mountain View California. We now represent more than 13,000 clients, many of which are startups and small businesses across the United States. We want to ensure that we regularly communicate with each of our clients, and that we have a process in place to make sure that our existing clients are happy with our services and have an attorney with whom they can regularly speak.

As such, we are looking for three Client Relations Attorneys to join our growing team. You must have excellent client relations/customer service skills, and must be able to put the needs of our clients first. You must be licensed to practice law in at least one U.S. state, and must be courtious and diligent. Must be personable, a team player, and must be patient with clients.

This is an Entry level position, and is an excellent opportunity for a recent law graduate who has passed a State Bar (California or another state) to grow with our law firm. You will gain experience directly working with and managing our existing clients in a professional and courtious manner, and get a chance to join the ground floor of a fast growing law firm. Initially, the majority of your time will involve serving as a non-bilalble Client Relations attorney, but you will also get opportunities to help on billable matters at our firm as our requirements increase.

Compensation: Small base non-billable client relations work - $14 to $18/hr to start


February 24, 2012

Spanish-speaking attorney job in New York City

Must have 2 years experience and be bilingual in order to earn $40k in Manhattan. Entry-level paralegals straight out of college make as much, if not more.

Small litigation firm seeks a Spanish-speaking attorney with up to two years' experience in litigation (may be as an intern or a paralegal). Good writing and organizational skills are a MUST. Demonstrated interest in civil rights law a major plus. Salary $40K plus a bonus. Send your resume and a writing sample (in a pdf format only) that you yourself wrote (w/o anybody's editorial input). References will be checked.


Entry-level attorney apprentice job in South Florida

Job highlights: "There is a remote possibility of receiving sporadic income from contingency fees as collected by the firm on litigation work; such income would be minimal and undependable at best. The firm does not offer benefits." 

Small law firm has a part-time opening for one recently admitted attorney to work as an unpaid intern/apprentice. Firm consists of one experienced corporate/M&A/transactional lawyer. The firm handles transactional or business law matters, primarily related to corporate and commercial transactions, financial transactions. To a lesser extent, the firm also handles civil litigation, which would be the candidates' primary focus. There is no secretarial or support staff (yet). There is a remote possibility of receiving sporadic income from contingency fees as collected by the firm on litigation work; such income would be minimal and undependable at best. The firm does not offer benefits. Although this internship is a good opportunity to gain experience and build your resume, it should be viewed as a stepping stone rather than as an opportunity to grow into a permanent salaried position. Please do not apply if you do not have the economic means to support yourself during the period of your commitment. You should live in central or northern Palm Beach County.

Preferred Qualifications: Availability to start immediately; limited litigation experience; admission to practice law in Florida; strong academics, writing, critical thinking and analytical ability, and organizational skills; self-motivated; fast learner; relevant academic or work experience; strong work ethic; computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); positive attitude and other positive attributes or skills will all be considered.

If this position is of interest, please reply by e-mail with your resume, confirming your availability for an interview weekdays during the next two weeks (February 20 through March 2) and your availability to start immediately. If we contact you, you will need to provide: an unofficial copy of law school grades, writing sample, references, and any other information you deem relevant (e.g., letters of recommendation, deal sheets if you have been practicing or anything illustrative of the above qualifications). Our reply will contain a link to our website which will allow you to find out more about the firm. You will have an opportunity to ask questions about our firm during the interview.


February 23, 2012

Criminal defense attorney job @ "busy Christian law firm" in Denver

Defend un-Christian-like behavior for a Christian law firm while taking a vow of poverty. Oh, and it would be great if you're bilingual!

Immediate opening available for an entry-level Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Attorney for a busy Christian Law Firm. In addition there would be some immigration duties, like drafting various pleadings and attending immigration hearings. Prior Law Firm experience required. Spanish language is preferred, but not required. Salary is $700.00 a week to begin and escalated to the candidate's value to the firm. We are a faith based law firm, we ask you to be comfortable with your faith whatever it may be.


Entry-level per diem attorney job in New York City

This job ad was forwarded to us by a reader, who remarks: "$12.50/hr in NYC? Law profs, deans, career services, ABA asses, and other assorted douches are probably worth that amount."

I'm a general practitioner in Flushing, Queens who needs a per diem "of counsel" attorney to draft and answer motions and pleadings, participate in case strategy meetings and negotiations with opposing counsel, research and advise on the law, attend Court hearings and otherwise do "hand-ons" on legal work with intensive client contact.

Must be professional, diligent, personable, astute on legal and practical considerations, and have an ability to expeditiously analyse cases and write proficiently and effectively for them.

Great "hands-on" experience for the resume while you search for a full time job. Some experience in legal drafting preferred, but will consider an enthusiastic beginner with legal writing ability. Must be available immediately.

Compensation: $100/day


Junior level attorney job in New Jersey

The only thing "junior level" about this position is the salary...

We are seeking a junior level attorney for our Parsippany, NJ location.

The ideal candidate will have experience in reviewing contracts and legal documents, have excellent communication and follow up skills and the ability to multi-task. In addition, the ideal candidate will be organized and able to work in a fast paced environment. He/she should have at least 2 years of experience.

Compensation: $45,000


February 22, 2012

Personal injury protection attorney job in Central Jersey

2+ years specialized legal experience required to earn a salary that's not even great for an entry-level lawyer...

Small law firm is seeking an attorney that has 2+ years experience in PIP. Opportunity for advancement. Great working environment.

Location: Clifton Area, NJ
Compensation: 45000


Part-time entry level attorney job in New Jersey

$15 per hour for an attorney... Paralegal jobs offer more to recent college grads.

Part-Time Entry Level Attorney position in Edison, NJ.

Great opportunity for entry level attorneys looking for a part-time position to gain quick litigation experience under experienced attorneys.

Must have confident communication skills, organizational skills, ability to multi-task, ability to speak with clients, ability to travel when necessary, ability to handle court appearances, etc.

Entry level base salary of $15 per hour at 20-25 hours per week + incentive program. Average part-time entry level associates, with good performance, are earning approximately 30k yearly from base salary + incentive program.

If interested, please email your resume. Hiring immediately. Interviews to be conducted this upcoming Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.


Entry-level criminal defense attorney job in Seattle

Busy downtown Seattle DUI/criminal defense attorney has an immediate opening for a full time entry level attorney. Firm serves many lower income clients and spanish speaking clients. Attorney will research and write motins and briefs, appear in court for pre-trial hearings, negotiate with prosecutors, prepare cases for trial, communicate with clients via phone and email and perform file managment. Canidate must have: 1. strong research and writing skills, 2. natural ability to communicate well with clients, prosecutors and judges, 3. strong orginazational skills, 4. good legal anayltic skills, 5. strong work ethic, 6 quick learner and take direction well, 7. be able to drive to court. Although entry level pay is not high, this is a good opportunity to learn DUI/Criminal defense from an experienced attorney and gain valuable skills. Prefer canidate who has some prior experience in criminal law such as law school internships, clinics or summer jobs. Also prefer canidate who can speak spanish. Will fill position by the end of the week. Please email me with your info and phone number.


February 21, 2012

Journalist seeks to interview recent law school grad for story

A reporter asked us to post this media query on our blog...

Dear Shit Law Jobs Readers,

I'm currently writing an article on automation (e-discovery technology, etc) in the legal industry, and it's impact on jobs. In reporting the story, I'm trying to find a source that's just out of law school that would be willing to share his or her struggle to find a job at a firm —perhaps divulging an anecdote or two about having to take a "shit law job."

Please email Robert.owen125 [at] gmail.com

Northern Jersey per diem attorney wanted for child support hearings

Seeking per diem lawyer for child support cases. First one tuesday 830 am essex superior court.

Location: Newark nj
Compensation: 100


February 20, 2012

Manhattan document review attorney job opportunity

Seeking attorneys for a temporary document review project. The project is slated to start middle of next week, and last one month. You must be Bar admitted in any US jurisdiction. The rate is $29.00 per hour, 50-60 hours per week. This is a flat rate (NO time and a half after 40 hours).


February 19, 2012

"Ruthless Jewish Lawyer Wanted" in Boston

As the reader who forwarded this Craigslist ad to us said, "Who can make up this stuff?"

I am a small business owner and I am having a possible contract issue. If you a ruthless and Jewish please call...

Location: Winchester, Mass.


Entry-level civil litigation attorney jobs near Los Angeles

This was forwarded to us by a couple readers...

We are a civil litigation firm handling primarily consumer fraud cases. Our cases range from individual fraud litigation to class actions.

What you would be doing:
Client intake - screen calls, obtain case info/docs, review/evaluate cases, consult with senior attorney, explain retainer terms to PC, retain.
Pre-lit - analyse case merits with senior attorney, prepare pre-litigation demand package, coordinate client concerns/requests
Litigation - draft complaints, propound discovery, draft/oppose motions, depositions, mediation, trial prep, trial assistance

What we will teach you:
We will train you in all aspects of the job outlined above.

Attention to detail
Perfect English grammar
Legal experience - we prefer candidates with NO or LITTLE experience as we prefer to train our legal assistants, attorneys, and interns to handle matters according to our preferences

First four (4) weeks are without pay. We invest our time and best effort in training you at the risk of you making mistakes. This may sound harsh but the reality is that we will likely spend just as much time correcting your work in the first few weeks as you spend doing it. At the end of the 4 weeks we will hire you depending on the skill level demonstrated and/or acquired by you during your training. If you demonstrate superb skills early on we will not hesitate to hire you at that point. If hired, your pay will be:
Associate attorney: $15 to $25 per hour
Admin Assistant: $10 to $17.50
Intern: $10 to $17.50


February 18, 2012

D.C. firm hiring recent law school graduates for legal assistant jobs

This was sent to us by a reader, who also shares: "If these folks have posted jobs before they know there are plenty of folks who are 'law school done' who are willing to empty wastebaskets for $15/hour. BTW This is how I spend my friday nights, looking for law jobs and drinking to forget. Not that I haven't applied to paralegal jobs before, I just can't convince them to hire me.... Wha-wha"

Law School bound or done?

Interested in working for a law firm before entering law school?

Work here first!


We are a small civil litigation boutique in Georgetown with three attorneys and six assistants, and we need a seventh.

If you are interested, please PASTE, do not attach, a resume and anything you would like us to know. (Don't worry if the pasting wreaks havoc on the format of your resume. We don't care.)

We value people who have had to do some real work along the way. We would like to hear about your past-- sports, music, jobs, theatre, writing, trekking, cycling, baby sitting, space travel, etc, things that have taught you to handle pressure cheerfully and to enjoy working with a team in close quarters with deadlines. We will like it if you can speak Spanish. We will be ECSTATIC if you can do website maintenance. Also, since you will be the lowest in seniority, please note any special skills you may have in emptying wastebaskets, filing, cleaning up after birthday parties and walking to the post office.

Start at fifteen dollars per hour.


February 17, 2012

Immigration law attorney job in Northern Virginia

Vienna, Virginia boutique immigration law firm seeking a bilingual (Spanish-speaking) immigration attorney. Must be VA licensed, have car, drive and be able to hit the ground running from day one.

Salary has a base of $40,000 with possible profit sharing and bonuses after 6 months with experience. Must be willing to work hard and learn the business side of the practice and the practical, real life side of defending immigrants and people charged with a crime. Unique opportunity to grow with a law firm and work with a former congressman. Added incentive: 50 percent of business you bring in goes to you. Very friendly lawyers and must be a team player.


New York CIty entry-level litigation attorney job

Please read this post carefully. Please do not reply to this post unless you are located in the Bronx or Westchester and are entry-level.

Seeking an entry-level attorney for a position that involves many court appearances and requires good writing skills. Applicants must have a reliable car. This position is for a person who is a motivated self-starter and has an interest in opening their own practice now. No experience needed, we will train. One year commitment is required since we are training. Compensation offered takes into account that you will have use of all office resources, including but not limited to, secretary, office, office equiptment, and supplies for the start of your own practice. Please do not apply if you are seeking a traditional 9-5 job. However, this position will require approximately 40 hours per week.

Please respond with cover letter and resume. Any Applicants living outside of the Bronx or Westchester will not be conidered so do not bother to send your resume. Also, if you are not entry-level do not send your resume as this position is not for you.

Location: Morris Park, Bronx, NYC
Compensation: Approximately $35K


February 16, 2012

Automobile accident attorney job near Detroit

auto no-fault firm seeking to fill associate attorney position. experience is requested

Location: Southfield
Compensation: base $42,000.00 plus attorney fees, bonus, vacation time, employer contributed h


DWI attorney job in South Jersey

Staff Attorney needed for high volume, high intensity statewide DWI only practice. Looking for someone who will do a lot of paralegal type work, handle clients, answer phones, and sometimes go to court on minor discovery issues, possibly developing into a litigation associate.

Location: Cherry HIll
Compensation: Salary $35,000-40,000; Full benefits available


Manhattan law firm seeks attorneys to work for free

It seems appropriate that this marks our 1,000th shit law job post...

Newly-Formed Law Firm located in the financial district seeks 2 newly-admitted attorneys/law students. Interns must be motivated and enthusiastic. Also, we are seeking a marketing intern who can help with social media and advertising.

The positions are unpaid as we are still building our practice but may lead to a permanent paid position. Interns will be exposed to diverse areas of practice and will be provided with a great deal of experience. We look forward to meeting you and potentially adding great people to our team!

Please submit a copy of your resume, contact information and your work availability for consideration.
*Interviews will be held by the end of the week.*


February 15, 2012

White Plains, NY personal injury attorney job opportunity

Small plaintiff's personal injury firm seeking New York licensed attorney with 1-3 years experience in handling personal injury litigation. Case load to include motor vehicle accidents and premises liability. Compensation: $30,000-$40,000 depending on experience.


J.D. wanted for international e-discovery project in NYC

International e-Discovery Company seeks a paralegal, JD or admin assistant to help manage an international project. Excellent Excel and interpersonal skills are required.

Interviews are tomorrow and project starts immediately thereafter. The project is expected to last 2-3 months and the likely rate is $25/hour.


February 14, 2012

Entry-level criminal law attorney job in New York City

This was forwarded to us by a reader, who quips: "Hopefully the defendants facing a year in Rikers or life in Sing Sing don't mind someone with 0 years of experience defending them (along with performing secretarial and paralegal work)."

Very busy, small midtown criminal practice with work in both federal and state courts seeking attorney with 0-3 years experience. Must have strong research and writing skills, and demonstrated interest and/or experience in criminal law. The ideal candidate will have excelled in law school, be comfortable handling multiple assignments, and have strong client contact skills. Position requires travel to all 5 boroughs and beyond, occasional night or weekend arraignments, and willingness to handle all pretrial aspects of a criminal case. It also entails office support tasks and paralegal duties. Proficiency in Spanish or other foreign language a plus. Salary commensurate with experience.


February 13, 2012

Long Island bankruptcy attorney job

Seeking attorney experienced in preparing petition papers for ch. 7 and 13, if attorney, representing at 341s and other hearings

Location: Jericho, NY
Compensation: $45,000 annually


February 11, 2012

Attorney wanted for court appearances in Hartford

I am looking for a CT barred attorney to help immediately on a matter in family court in Hartford for NY attorney. Will need signature for supporting motions and to make appearances along side the NY attorney. Will pay 70 dollars per appearance.


February 10, 2012

Document review attorney jobs in Colorado Springs, Colo.

This job ad was forwarded to us by a reader, who notes: "Urgent need but not willing to pay for travel expenses. What a shitty job."

Urgent need for a few licensed contract attorneys (or JDs without bar) for a 3-4 week document review sorting and identifying hard copies of documents. Start date is between February 14 and 20.

Typical business hours; no overtime. Pay is $25-30/hour depending on experience.

Please note the candidate must be willing and available to travel with short notice and stay for the duration of the assignment with no reimbursement for travel or housing expenses. However this may work for some candidates.


Central N.J. attorney wanted for evictions & collections

Somerset County, NJ Real Estate Manager looking for an Attorney for evictions, collections, file with court-papework, go to court to get judgment's for Landlords,ect. Collect old judgments. Part time as needed. $15 per hour. Would have to go to our office to do the work when ever needed and appear in court to evict/collect for Landlords,ect.


Entry-level litigation attorney job in NY/NJ

Looking for newly admitted lawyer (NJ and NY)

no experience necessary. We will train you.

Our firm specializes in litigation so you will be appearing in court in New Jersey and New York.

Should be familiar with NJ and NY discovery and be able to learn on your own.

Please reply with your resume, contact information and interview availability.

The starting compensation shall be $1400 bi-weekly with a review in 6 months. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. If this compensation does not suit you, please do not reply as you would be wasting your time and our time.

Preferably you speak a second language - Russian, Polish or Spanish.


February 9, 2012

Document review attorney jobs in Charlotte, NC

Calling on Licensed Attorneys for the FIRST PHASE of a PHARMACEUTICAL 2 Months Long Document Review Project lasting through March 30th!!!!!

The SECOND PHASE has a strong potential to go through the END OF THE YEAR!! This will be an extremely Large Review Team Managed in our 10,000 SFT Facility here in Charlotte, NC!!!

This is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on a pharmaceutical document review project that will last this long!!!

Come join the team at Tower Legal to conduct e-Discovery and DOCUMENT REVIEW contract work.


Compensation: $25hr


Los Angeles personal injury firm hiring attorney

Thanks to the reader who passed this along:

Prestigious Tarzana Personal Injury Law Firm seeking ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY

Looking for someone who will immediately get hands on experience in court and depositions.

Please submit resume's

Compensation: 40k starting


Long Island litigation attorney job

Thanks to the reader who forwarded us this job ad:

Seeking attorney with 1-3 years experience for varied multi-practice firm with a concentration on matrimonial and commercial litigation. Duties include drafting motions, court appearances, the taking and defending depositions. Health benefits are available provided you contribute the plan premium. Hours are approximately 9-7. Compensation is $650/wk plus nominal annual bonus.


Major Manhattan law firm hiring immigration attorney

$30/hr for an experienced attorney in Manhattan .... to work for a "major law firm"? Doesn't add up. Paralegals make more. 

Major law firm seeks an Immigration Attorney on a contract basis.

Business Immigration is a plus.

Must have a minimum of 3 years of previous experience.

If you are interested, or know anyone who might be, please email your resume in word format and include "Immigration Attorney" in the subject heading.


Compensation: $30p/h

February 8, 2012

Work-from-home attorney job @ non-profit

"We have a small budget" is code for "we can't pay you much"...

Looking for a lawyer to help in setting up a none profit organization.

The organization mission is in the area of Arbitration, and Arbitration abuse.

Must be a good writer and like writing

We have a small budget.


February 7, 2012

Entry-level attorney job in Houston

Job highlights: "no other compensation is provided except for the starting Salary of 30,000.00 ... You must be well groomed, well dressed, easy going and willing to work a minimum of 60 Hours a week on the Salary ... If you are familiar with the Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Spanish languages, you will be seriously considered"...

Full to Part Time Position open for a mid size law offices located near the Galleria. It is an entry level position with the great opportunity to learn with pay and grow. Bilingual is a plus with the knowledge of multicultural, languages and ability to travel out of state once or twice every couple of months for a couple of days paid by the firm where you work for only a few hours and enjoy the rest on your own. If you are familiar with the Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Spanish languages, you will be seriously considered. You must be well groomed, well dressed, easy going and willing to work a minimum of 60 Hours a week on the Salary. However, average attorney works hardly 45 hours a week in this firm. No prior litigation or formal experience is necessary as long as you are willing to learn and work. Job requires a minimum once a week trip to Houston Downtown Court in a non-adversarial environment for an hour. Firm's main practice is Immigration but it also represents clients in Auto Accidents, Civil, Family, Business and Criminal matters. Currently, no other compensation is provided except for the starting Salary of 30,000.00 which increases as you learn plus a deserving Bonus. You must have a commitment of a minimum of a year in order to qualify for the Bonus.


February 4, 2012

"Prestigious government agency" hiring lawyers in NYC

This job opportunity was forwarded to us by a reader, who sums it up pretty well: "$12 an hr for JD in NYC - Amazing"...

A prestigious government agency is looking to hire Paralegals for a temporary long term assignment. Candidates must have completed their Juris Doctor (J.D.) and have either passed/are waiting to take/ or are studying for the Bar exam.

Compensation: $12/Hour


February 2, 2012

New York City job for "lawyer / paralegal / shark"

I am a NYC Contractor with three sub contractors who took the money and ran without completing work.

I need an extremely motivated lawyer to hunt them down and collect.

We have signed contracts and detailed information regarding each case.

I have no time to spend on this but want justice.

Contingency fee only!

E-mail for details.


February 1, 2012

Entry-level per diem litigation attorney job in New York City

Extremely busy general practitioner in Flushing, Queens need litigation help PRONTO!

Make Court Appearances, draft litigation documents (pleadings, discovery, motions, answers, etc.), confer on case strategy, negotiate with opposing counsel. Also opportunity to learn practice in other areas of law (real estate closings, business transactions, bankruptcy, immigration, medicaid fraud defense, etc.)

Some experience preferred, but will consider quick, diligent, accurate, energetic, personable and assertive trainee. Immediate hands on experience, great resume builder while you're looking for a permanent position.

I'm swamped right now, so immediately submit your resume, writing samples and references with cover letter why you're qualified, interested and motivated to step forthwith into the position.

Location: Queens
Compensation: $100 per day to start