February 23, 2012

Entry-level per diem attorney job in New York City

This job ad was forwarded to us by a reader, who remarks: "$12.50/hr in NYC? Law profs, deans, career services, ABA asses, and other assorted douches are probably worth that amount."

I'm a general practitioner in Flushing, Queens who needs a per diem "of counsel" attorney to draft and answer motions and pleadings, participate in case strategy meetings and negotiations with opposing counsel, research and advise on the law, attend Court hearings and otherwise do "hand-ons" on legal work with intensive client contact.

Must be professional, diligent, personable, astute on legal and practical considerations, and have an ability to expeditiously analyse cases and write proficiently and effectively for them.

Great "hands-on" experience for the resume while you search for a full time job. Some experience in legal drafting preferred, but will consider an enthusiastic beginner with legal writing ability. Must be available immediately.

Compensation: $100/day


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  1. Don't worry, in a truly ironic twist, the job market in America is so bad (see story http://www.asialawblogging.com/2012/01/19/legal-process-outsourcing-soft-job-market-liability-could-stem-tide/), that we can now compete with the wages LPOs in India pay, thus paving the way for doc review jobs to come BACK to the U.S.! It'll be at $15 an hour, but hey, beggars (lawyers)can't be choosers.