About Us

Are you a laid-off lawyer or a recent law school graduate and desperate for a job? Perhaps we can help. We don't list jobs everyone wants. Instead, we list jobs most lawyers likely wouldn't want. But, hey, it beats being unemployed.

What is "shit law"? In short, it's a subset of lawyer jobs that are low-paying with long hours and often involve insipid work. The video below (made by someone else) provides an apt dramatization.

Founded in 2010, ShitLawJobs.com has been featured in the Wall Street JournalThe EconomistAmerican Lawyer's Legal Blog WatchAboveTheLaw, Seattle Weekly, RollOnFridaySolicitR, Lawyerist and The New Lawyer. Although we started our website as a satire to illuminate the poor legal job market, we realize that some readers also use our site to find legal jobs. We're here both to entertain and to help.