February 29, 2012

Unpaid Spanish-speaking attorney jobs in NYC

This law firm is seeking several "recent law school graduate" and the compensation is listed as "unpaid (but) academic credit available." How are you supposed to receive academic credit if you've already graduated law school? Might as well just pay your employees in Monopoly money...

Recent Law School Graduate and Paralegal Graduate

A Civil and Criminal Litigation Law firm handling various legal cases of personal injury, divorces, criminal arrests, vehicle and traffic law, administrative law, commercial transactions
and others.

Qualifications: JD Degree or Paralegal Degree-Spanish Speaking Fluency Required.

Position Description: Interns will be exposed to the inner working of a law firm. Interns shall receive training in the areas of practice of the firm. Daily assignment include accompanying attorneys to court and attend client consultations. This is a great opportunity for exposure to Criminal and Civil cases. Interns will learn about commercial disputes, divorce, arrests and personal injury cases.

Position Starts: As soon as possible
Hours: 15-20
Openings available: Several
Salary: Unpaid. Academic Credit Available


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  1. They had unpaid jobs like this before the Civil War. No salary of course, but those slaves gained a lot of valuable experience out in the cotton fields.