February 18, 2012

D.C. firm hiring recent law school graduates for legal assistant jobs

This was sent to us by a reader, who also shares: "If these folks have posted jobs before they know there are plenty of folks who are 'law school done' who are willing to empty wastebaskets for $15/hour. BTW This is how I spend my friday nights, looking for law jobs and drinking to forget. Not that I haven't applied to paralegal jobs before, I just can't convince them to hire me.... Wha-wha"

Law School bound or done?

Interested in working for a law firm before entering law school?

Work here first!


We are a small civil litigation boutique in Georgetown with three attorneys and six assistants, and we need a seventh.

If you are interested, please PASTE, do not attach, a resume and anything you would like us to know. (Don't worry if the pasting wreaks havoc on the format of your resume. We don't care.)

We value people who have had to do some real work along the way. We would like to hear about your past-- sports, music, jobs, theatre, writing, trekking, cycling, baby sitting, space travel, etc, things that have taught you to handle pressure cheerfully and to enjoy working with a team in close quarters with deadlines. We will like it if you can speak Spanish. We will be ECSTATIC if you can do website maintenance. Also, since you will be the lowest in seniority, please note any special skills you may have in emptying wastebaskets, filing, cleaning up after birthday parties and walking to the post office.

Start at fifteen dollars per hour.


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