February 26, 2012

Work-from-home attorney job opportunity in New York

This job ad was forwarded to us by a reader, who writes: "If you need any further confirmation that nothing good can come out of looking at Craigslist jobs on a Saturday, here it is. An 'immediate opening' on the weekend, so I guess this guy's legal projects must indeed be pressing. My transcript, a writing sample, AND a response to a hypo, all for a chance at $20/no benefits? Why sure, I'll cancel my plans for tonight and get right on that"...

Immediate opening for an attorney to work on a contract basis to research, write, edit and proofread legal memos and papers.

I have several pressing legal projects that I need an attorney to assist me with.

Excellent research and writing skills are a must. No court appearances are required.

You can do a significant portion of the work from home.

Contract work will be based on $20.00 per hour. No benefits.

This could lead to a fulltime position.

Please forward law school transcript and writing sample.
In addition, please respond to the following issue:

ISSUE: Respondent files a pre-answer motion to dismiss an Article 78 proceeding on the basis that a another action is already pending in Federal Court between the same parties, which action was commenced by the petitioner in the Article 78 proceeding, and in the action in Federal Court the petitioner alleged ten causes of action, and two of these causes of action seek nearly identical relief as in the Article 78 proceeding. Before the return date of the motion to dismiss the Article 78 proceeding, the petitioner voluntarily dismisses the Federal Action, and files a new action that omits the two causes of action that duplicated the relief being sought in the Article 78 proceeding. Identify two reported cases that demonstrate the motion to dismiss must be denied.


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  1. Epic joke. Welcome to this noble profession.