February 19, 2012

Entry-level civil litigation attorney jobs near Los Angeles

This was forwarded to us by a couple readers...

We are a civil litigation firm handling primarily consumer fraud cases. Our cases range from individual fraud litigation to class actions.

What you would be doing:
Client intake - screen calls, obtain case info/docs, review/evaluate cases, consult with senior attorney, explain retainer terms to PC, retain.
Pre-lit - analyse case merits with senior attorney, prepare pre-litigation demand package, coordinate client concerns/requests
Litigation - draft complaints, propound discovery, draft/oppose motions, depositions, mediation, trial prep, trial assistance

What we will teach you:
We will train you in all aspects of the job outlined above.

Attention to detail
Perfect English grammar
Legal experience - we prefer candidates with NO or LITTLE experience as we prefer to train our legal assistants, attorneys, and interns to handle matters according to our preferences

First four (4) weeks are without pay. We invest our time and best effort in training you at the risk of you making mistakes. This may sound harsh but the reality is that we will likely spend just as much time correcting your work in the first few weeks as you spend doing it. At the end of the 4 weeks we will hire you depending on the skill level demonstrated and/or acquired by you during your training. If you demonstrate superb skills early on we will not hesitate to hire you at that point. If hired, your pay will be:
Associate attorney: $15 to $25 per hour
Admin Assistant: $10 to $17.50
Intern: $10 to $17.50


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