January 23, 2012

Part-time litigation attorney job in Long Island

Immediate Opening.....

Long Island law firm seeks admitted attorney for a part time position. Must be able to work at least two days a week 5 hours a day.

Candidate must be admitted to practice in New York. Must have at least 2 years experience in matrimonial or general litigation, preparation of motions, pleadings, affidavits etc.

- Admitted 2 years
- Excellent written and verbal presentation skills
- Ability to complete research and writing projects

Location: Mineola
Compensation: $25.00 per hour



  1. I am a legal assistant. I have a shitter job. I work 2 days a week for 13 dollars an hour. I work 5 hour days. Yep that is a whopping 130.00 bucks a week.
    When I am not in the office drafting pleadings, doing med. summaries, and writing glowing advotorials for my Attorney,
    who btw takes great pride in humiliating me in front of the entire office for working one hour overtime to complete a 400 page depo summ. assignment,
    I am cleaning his 3 toilets for 100.00 a week.
    What is worse than being an attorney?

    Paralegal Class of 5/2012
    Columbia S.C.

  2. Dear Anonymous Paralegal . . . do you have $150K in student loans to pay off? I didn't think so. Ask us again who has the shittier job.