January 25, 2012

Foreclosure document review attorney jobs in Newark, NJ

$25 an hour for a temporary position that requires a J.D. and 4+ years law experience...

We are anticipating staffing a very large foreclosure document review project in Newark, NJ for one of the world's leading financial institutions. We are seeking dedicated professionals to assist with this large-scale/long-term project. Principal responsibilities will include reviewing foreclosed loans and evaluating whether or not they were processed in accordance with HAMP or other applicable program guidelines and requirements. Qualified candidates should have at least 4 years of experience in mortgage and default servicing, final claim review and harm evaluations. Candidates MUST also be highly proficient with Word, Excel and Outlook. Successful candidates will be focused, detail-oriented, well-organized, with strong analytical and computer skills. For fastest consideration please apply online at www.hirecounsel.com by clicking on "Register/Update Resume".

• Start Date: Next 1-2 weeks
• Duration: long-term
• Pay Rate: $25/hour
• Schedule: 40 hours per week, 5 Days per week

• Active bar admission in a US jurisdiction
• 4+ years of experience in mortgage and default servicing, final claim review and harm evaluations
• Keen understanding of loss mitigation, HAMP and foreclosure processing
• Experience calculating NPV(Net Present Value) and DTI(Debt to Income)
• Must live in (or be willing to commute to) Newark, NJ



  1. Bahhhhhhahahahahahahahaha
    Certify fraudulent mortgage documents: certain disbarment. Timing, shortly.

  2. In the good old days, a person with that experience would make $75K--at least. Shoot me.