January 13, 2012

New York City attorney wanted for lawsuit

This was spotted by a reader, who observes: "This reeks of a difficult/unbalanced client. No doubt if the attorney loses, he/she will be sued for malpractice by the client."

TENACIOUS LITIGATOR NEEDED FOR POTENTIALLY PRECEDENT SETTING CASE THAT ALREADY HAS HIGH MEDIA INTEREST. Compelling, multifaceted case involving diverse rage of legal claims and issues including False Imprisonment, Judicial Misconduct, Guardian Abuse, Medicaid & Social Security Fraud, Defamation as well as multiple torts and violations of State and Federal law, Civil Rights and Due Process. Deep pocketed defendants. Involves 80 year old woman forcefully removed from her apartment and currently imprisoned in a nursing home where she is not allowed visitors or phone calls including visitation by immediate family. Judge was recently removed. Situation is urgent!



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