January 17, 2012

Entry-level attorney job in Durham, NC

Thanks to the reader who forwarded this... $15/hr., but at least they provide a travel per diem and liability insurance coverage -- perks in entry-level shit law jobs....

Part-time newly licensed NC attorney wanted to replace associate relocating. This position is dynamic and requires great attention to detail. The majority of work includes high-profile mortgage defense litigation in state and federal court. Must be an extremely fast learner in this area of law. Must possess excellent writing skills, really excellent writing skills. Position offers office space and support for your own practice after 2pm. Hours are from 10am to 2pm. Must be people-oriented. Must submit writing sample after initial interview. Our office environment is laid back and casual. We will provide professional liability coverage. We are seeking someone who will grow into partnership status relatively quickly. Compensation: $15 per hour + travel per diem + percentage in certain matters



  1. Damn. They don't want much for $15 an hour, do they?

  2. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/lgl/2798345134.html is almost as good! "The first month is an unpaid internship, which will require an article submission every 3 days." - and it even includes the firm name!