December 6, 2011

Work-from-home legal research job

This was sent to us by a reader, who comments: "This NYC research position won't even pay for the research conducted online = SHIT JOB! This clown needs to be busted because in the ad he/she is looking to have law students apply (i.e., the only people who have free Westlaw and Lexis that he/she won't pay for). $25/hr to have law students use their tuition for his private law benefit (breaking the agreement law students make with Lexis and Westlaw)? The ads reeks of unwarranted arrogance. Besides, assclown can't even spell "judgment" correctly. What a shit job and scam."

Looking for someone for research purposes. SDNY and EDNY specifically. Going to need info regarding verdicts, sentences, and judgements. Also will need pertinent case history of specific judge. Willing to pay through PAYPAL, upfront deposit as long as we have written contract, which I expect you to draw up. Expecting 20-40 hours of research to be done. Very good pay for law student. The endpoint of the research is a Federal case in SDNY. Also will need research and summary letter for info on halfway house and home confinement as part of sentences. I want to specifically know if any judge in SDNY or EDNY has ordered/allowed home confinement as part of federal sentence since 2007.

Also to be required will be a minimum of 2 visits to Brooklyn MDC to visit inmate the research is in interest of, and report research findings both there and to myself. Someone residing in Brooklyn will be given priority solely based on ease of getting to the Brooklyn MDC. To provide comfort level, case details will be given to anyone passing the first level of screening if desired.

Additionally, research and a detailed summary letter, with instructions and guidelines for applying for the "SECOND CHANCE ACT OF 2007". Including but not limited to the report mentioned here:
(5) Reporting.-- Not later than 1 year after the date of the enactment of the Second Chance Act of 2007 (and every year thereafter), the Director of the Bureau of Prisons shall transmit to the Committee on the Judiciary of the Senate and the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives a report describing the Bureau's utilization of community corrections facilities. Each report under this paragraph shall set forth the number and percentage of Federal prisoners placed in community corrections facilities during the preceding year, the average length of such placements, trends in such utilization, the reasons some prisoners are not placed in community corrections facilities, and any other information that may be useful to the committees in determining if the Bureau is utilizing community corrections facilities in an effective manner.

To avoid the shear amount of spam I received when I attempted to post this opportunity last time, I need to be more clear in my requests

**You must have your own access to PACER, LEXIS, and possibly Westlaw. I will not be setting up accounts, or covering those expenses.
**Payment will be made via PAYPAL transfer.
**Do not respond without your resume, which I expect to have been updated within the last 12 months.
**The rate of pay is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Period. If you are a current para or practicing attorney, I am NOT altering the offer unless a visit to the person of question at Brooklyn MDC happens FIRST. And you "hear from the horses mouth" what is needed.
**Replies/Applications will only be viewed if the word RESEARCH, in capital letters, is the subject of the reply. This is to prevent spam.

***Timeframe is NOW. I want research started by Friday 11-Nov. If you do not have the ability to commit a minimum of 10 HOURS in the next week or so, please do not respond.

Location: Brooklyn
Compensation: $25/hour.
Telecommuting is ok.

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