December 6, 2011

Entertainment lawyer job in Atlanta

"Pictures help, too!" Thanks to the reader who forwarded this.


I'm a young, driven attorney in Atlanta whose practice primarily focuses on Entertainment Law, as well as a couple other disciplines. I am looking for a potential partner to work with in the field. The ideal partner will have time to dedicate to the firm, the drive to attract new clients, and ability to work vehemently to obtain the mission and goals of the firm. Presently, the firm is ran through a virtual office. Office space will be acquired eventually, if necessary, but the need hasn't been created as of yet.

Highly-motivated and intelligent attorneys are welcome to contact me to discuss further. Please include a resume in your response and a brief overview of why you would be an ideal fit. Pictures help, too.

Best regards...

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  1. "Pictures help, too."

    Preferably explicit nude photos.