August 29, 2011

Philadelphia attorney internship


I am looking for an intern who is ready, willing and able to get trained to be a support person to a quick thinking, fast moving lawyer/entrepreneur. I have two businesses, a legal business and a coaching/personal development business, so someone who is committed to growing and developing themselves would be a good fit. Office Experience is a plus but what is even more important is the ability and desire to learn new things quickly and easily. I am ready to train and mentor you. I will give you the opportunity to be masterful at your work, to exceed your expectations of yourself and to have fun doing it.

What I need is someone who is smart, eager to learn, not afraid of constructive criticism and feedback (that's how you learn fast), someone who is interested in becoming outstanding at the things that they do. Someone who values accomplishment (a "git-er-done" person) and someone who believes that they can and will, with the proper mentoring, grow into a person who can easily get a full time position in a Center City law firm or start their own business. The ability to be organized and systematic is also very important, because multi-tasking is the norm. I need someone who can (or can quickly learn to) do a wide range of administrative, secretarial tasks. Also someone who is well organized and good with people is important.

Personal integrity is critical. You must, first of all, be punctual. You must really like to work and like to get results, and must be a results producer. And, I don't want squeamish people who are afraid to take things on, or who are constantly looking at the clock or e-mailing their friends while they are at work. I am interested for an intern who is going to come in when they say will everyday, excited to work and to learn, somebody who is proactive and organized, someone who is looking for a mentor to help them to really grow as a person and also to grow as a professional.

Things that are a plus (let me know if you have any of these):
o knows internet marketing (Wordpress, facebook, twitter, auto-responders, etc.),
o comfortable with editing/updating websites,
o internet research,
o knows and is good with Quickbooks,
o can design systems,
o can manage projects
o good with customers.

Duration of Internship: 16-24 weeks, starting in as soon as possible
Hours: 20-30 hour a week depending on your availability
A $100 month stipend will be provided.
Dress. Business Casual.

Thanks for your time in reading this. If you want to apply, let me know why you are the person that should be in this job!


  1. Yeah, sure. You'll get all of that and more after paying one hundred dollars for six months' work.

  2. What about minimum wage laws? This profession is whack!

  3. Do you have to provide your own shackles and chains?