March 1, 2011

Work-from-home legal writing job

Legal compliance expert currently needed for article writing.

In general, we are looking for:

1) Highly knowledgeable/experienced HR employment lawyers to do a 'quality control' review of our existing articles, to ensure they are up-to-date, accurate, and of the highest standard. The task is to read the articles and give us specific feedback and suggestions about: a) each individual article, and b) the section overall (e.g., what's missing — what should we add or do next to improve it).

2) Employment lawyers to contribute new articles for our "HR Navigator" section. (If you already have a bunch of articles, white papers, newsletters, legal updates, etc., that you have written in the past, you might simply want to give them to us to re-purpose: we can edit as necessary to make them consistent with the rest of our HR Navigator content in terms of style/structure/length, etc., before posting them on our site.)

Paid as a contractor-consultant. Like other members of our network of experts (including those who are General Counsel & VP of HR at major organizations with professional credentials such as J.D., Ph.D.), you will be compensated on the following basis:

* $100 for articles which you research & write from scratch, or completely rewrite from existing articles or drafts;
* $75 per article where you perform heavy content changes to an existing article or draft;
* $50 per article where you make some content changes;
* $20 per article that you review and make minor or no content changes.

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