March 15, 2011

Entry-level divorce attorney job in Manhattan

New York City law firm with offices on Wall Street and in downtown Brooklyn specializing in Divorce and Criminal law is seeking a junior level associate with 0-2 years of experience. Must have some experience in a law firm that practices Family/Divorce law as a paralegal or associate.

The associate will immediately assume significant responsibilities including:

· Court appearances;
· Drafting Family Court petitions, Criminal Court motions and other legal documents;
· Client Communication about existing clients’ ongoing issues and concerns;
· Second-chairing attorneys at trial;
· Mentoring relationship with firm's partners;
· Annual review by partners;
· Tremendous learning opportunity and potential for growth.

The associate must be admitted to the bar in good standing or scheduled to be admitted no later than the end of April 2011. Applicants must have excellent writing skills and the right personality to appear in court and to communicate with clients. Knowledge of Spanish is a plus.

Salary & Benefits:

Salary: $40,000 a year plus 50% of all cases referred by the associate and a holiday bonus.
Vacation: One week vacation, plus 10 days off at the end of every calendar year.

Location: Wall Street
Compensation: $40,000

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