January 7, 2011

Spanish-speaking research attorney job in Chicago

Spanish fluent Illinois licensed attorney with exceptional research and legal drafting skills needed to support attorney work in several areas of law, including immigration, bankruptcy, mortgage foreclosure and loan modification, family, criminal, among others.

The position is full time -- 9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday, and requires a natural talent for writing and research, an ability to produce exceptional work within a short amount of time, as numerous assignments will always be in the queue. This is a great intro position for someone who has this talent but minimal experience, and wants to learn a great deal quickly in many areas of law.

The pay is non-negotiable $10/hour with a review in six months' time. Full benefits are provided after three month probation term is passed. Email resume, three work references and two case law laden writing samples if interested. Also state how soon you are available to start.



  1. $10 an hour? Are you kidding me? I'm laughing here... it's better to keep waiting for my unemployment benefits while I look for a job.

  2. That was exactly my thought. Do they know that garbage collectors get paid more than this?