December 15, 2010

Unpaid internship in NYC for attorneys & foreign lawyers

Queens general practice law firm hosting internship program. We seek Two to Three (2-3) interns to learn and assist in law firm responsibilities for three month, subject to renewal. A friendly, fast-paced international environment to gain experience and learn while working with supportive colleagues. Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, etc. dialects A+.

The law firm has offices in Flushing, Queens, 8th Avenue, Brooklyn and Chinatown, Manhattan and experienced in Real Estate, Immigration, Matrimonial, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, IP Infringement and FLSA. Excellent training for a law student or graduate needing to obtain crucial experience in above specialty work in a competitive market or needing experience to apply to the future careers.

Also perfect for a foreign attorney seeking to get experience in an American law firm. The work will be on par with similarly complex legal work of a law graduate awaiting admission to the bar. Foreign attorney will, of course, receive legal training and assignments commensurate with their background and position.

Intern will gain experience in all aspects of litigation practice, and will work directly with Attorneys. Intern will receive training in (1) Telephone Communication with Clients (2) Initially evaluating & researching cases, (3) Writing correspondence and all kinds of legal papers for courts, (4) Completing legal forms and applications, (5) Interviewing clients & going to court, (6) Working with governmental agencies, and (7) Assisting in analyzing & investigating cases in preparation for trial.

A strong letter of recommendation will be provided upon request and successful completion of internship. An Evaluation and Exit Interview will be conducted and intern will be considered for a formal offer of employment at conclusion.

Law firm can provide academic credit under school program as internship or externship. Please note that this is an unpaid position to gain valuable experience only.

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