December 15, 2010

Litigation attorney job in Long Island

The post you are about to read is similar to one I wrote 2 years ago. The associate we hired on that occasion relocated with her husband to Los Angeles where she landed a job with well regarded medical malpractice firm. Her time with our firm was her only law firm and only litigation experience. I was her reference. The ad is also similar to one I wrote one year ago. That associate came here without litigation experience, and just landed a position with a NYC law firm - at a much higher salary - because she had that experience. We're happy for her, and we part as friends. Interested -- Keep reading.

We are a small Central Nassau law firm, with a mix of plaintiff's litigation, insurance litigation, commercial litigation, collection litigation, civil rights, labor and pretty much everything else except matrimonial, criminal and bankruptcy. The economy hit us and our clients like a ton of bricks, but the lights are on and there is plenty of work. We are looking for an associate to roll up their sleeves, and replace the one who is moving on to GREENER pastures. The associate will get to court right away attending conferences. As soon as the associate is ready (or perhaps even before) the associate will take depositions, write motions, and interact with clients. Candidate must be admitted, and be able to make it to first call of the calendar at all area courts, so a car is necessary. Some litigation experience is preferred. Still interested -- Keep Reading.

The position offered is not for everyone. If you are the head of household trying to feed a family -- It's not for you. If you are buried in student loans, or drive an luxury car -- it's not for you. If you eat expensive lunches -- it's not for you. This job is for someone who wants to learn to litigate, to actually go to court, who wants to represent real clients on a day to day basis. It's for someone who knows there is no future in per diem document work, and who wants to jump start a career stuck in neutral or reverse, by conditions completely outside his or her control. The economy will improve (I hope), and the experience you gain with us, will be invaluable in your obtaining your next legal job. At least, its worked that way with our last two associates.

The position pays $36,000 a year plus individual health benefits. Additionally, you receive a piece of all business you generate, and we'll help you generate business. The hours are 9 to 5 ( or 9.30 to 5.30 or 10 to 6). We wish we could pay more, but we can't. We want to keep the lights on.

So, if your tired of telling your friends and family that there are no attorney jobs, and don't know when there will be any attorney jobs, email us a resume.

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