December 10, 2010

Entry-level attorney job in Chicago

Small, but growing litigation firm seeks brand-new liscensed attorney (no-experience necessary!) for part time help in mornings only. You will be working closely with and being trained by a VERY experienced litigator (over 150 jury trials on Cook County alone!) Duties willl include daily court calls, drafting motions, completing discovery and attending depositions. The salary is basic, but you will only be required to work 20-25 hours per week, and you will learn all you need to know about Illinois civil litigation. A must for any new attorney who wants to learn the ropes and be a litigator. You will eventually get the chance at second-chairing a civil trial and eventually trying a small case on your own!! REMEMBER; THIS IS A PART-TIME POSITION!! YOU WILL HAVE YOUR AFTERNOONS TO YOURSELF, BUT YOU WILL LEARN VALUABLE COURTROOM SKILLS THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME IN YOUR LITIGATION CAREER!

Location: Downtown
Compensation: Salary is $400.00 per week (part-time)

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