December 16, 2010

Attorney needed for case in Hartford

I am suing a company that I feel unlawfully terminated my employment three years ago.. The pre trial deposition is in Hartford.I am living in Northern Vermont.
My deposition by the defendant is in Hartford CT on Thurs January 6,2011 at 1pm.Since my firing I have been working part time as a Social Worker; my profession. I need someone on a percentage basis to help with my deposition meeting; to advise and support. I have all my discovery as well they want.
Please contact me. If you want to help the good guy get the bad guy; do something noble for a great cause; and reap the benefits of a settlement or trial victory;let me know. It is a winnable case. I just need legal advise so I don't trip on any defendant's motions; my own lay legal deficiencies.
Only three weeks away.My friend said this would be a good idea I hadn't thought of.

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