November 24, 2010

Boston DUI firm seeks attorneys to work for free

Well Established Northshore Law Practice is seeking New Lawyers, Recent Law School & Para Legal Graduates, as well as current law/criminal students, to work as unpaid interns to learn how things really operate in a law office. If you are looking for an opportunity to gain valuable legal experience in trial litigation, handling claims and the day to day operation of a privately owned law office this may be the right opportunity for you. No prior experience is required, just the desire and ability to learn, keep your commitments, demonstrate that you can handle responsibilities and show up on time. Past interns have earned college credits, earned paying positions in the firm as well as moved on to positions at other law firms.

This gem was brought to our attention by a reader, who writes: Busy week for exploiters up here, I guess.  Happy Thanksgiving - you can work for me for free! I did a quick Google Search on Chambers Law Massachusetts - surprise!  It's a Suffolk Law solo DUI practice!  Graduated 1998, passed the bar in... 2002! Favorite quote from the website: "When he walks into court, colleagues know he will fight for his clients even if it means going to trial."  What?

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