October 14, 2013

NYC attorney job @ matrimonial law firm

They want experience for a part-time attorney job in Manhattan that pays $17.50/hr....

Small downtown law practice has an immediate need for an attorney to assist with matrimonial and civil cases on a temporary/contract basis. The ideal candidate should be experienced in handling both matrimonial and civil matters and possess the ability to work independently. The position is project driven and should be roughly 10 - 15 hours of work. Compensation is commensurate with experience however willing to pay between $17.50 to $22.50 per hour.


1 comment:

  1. The job is temporary and pays anywhere from $175 to $337.50 per week. Of course, the pig wants a New York lawyer who is experienced in matrimonial and civil cases. Yet, he wants to pay them slave wages.

    Avoid law school, kiddies. Read sites such as this one, which are not run by greedy cockroach "law professors" or their ball-less shills. This site is performing a public service, by showing you the available lawyer job market without charge.