October 15, 2013

Entry-level contracts attorney job in Illinois

Requires JD and experience for $20/hr...
An international financial services company in Riverwoods, IL is currently seeking an entry level attorney with 1+ year experience working on a variety of commercial contract matters. The Attorney will: 1. Negotiate revisions to NDAs 2. Create Contract Approval Forms outlining key issues in final agreement. 3. Extraction - summarizing and inputting information in our contract database (100 fields) 4. Reviewing and approving training room software requests create database entry, upload email approval with embedded questions/answers and EULA and provide information to Tech purchasing and Legal 5. Review and approve maintenance renewals (including both covered under existing agreement and not covered under an agreement) 6. Handling paperwork for exempted transactions from contract review 7. Confirming $0 software upgrades are covered under existing agreements and handling the service catalog entry to move the transaction through the system. 8. Creating Risk Assessments/GAP analyses by reviewing underlying document and comparing it to the standard Discover template requirements 9. Create new MSA (populate DFS template) 10. Review non-critical SOWs under $100,000, and where existing MSA for minimum set criteria and get them approved through the system. 11. Populate very simple schedules or SOWs 12. Redline vendor paper by adding template language to it.
Requirements: J.D. required. Must have 1+ years of experience reviewing, drafting, and/or analyzing commercial contracts. Must have excellent academic credentials and strong written and oral communication skills.
Salary: $20.00 to $25.00 per hour

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