September 4, 2012

NYC document review project seeks attorneys

We are staffing a large-scale document review project that will start in the next 1-2 weeks with one of the country's most respected law firms. We are seeking Attorney candidates licensed in any US jurisdiction to assist with this complex project. Qualified candidates should have at least 6 months of prior document review experience. Our client is seeking candidates who are focused, detail-oriented and motivated.

• Start Date: Next 1-2 weeks
• Duration: expected 4-5 months
• Pay Rate: $29/hour
• Schedule: 40 hours per week, 5 Days per week

• Admitted in any US jurisdiction
• JD or LLM from ABA-accredited school
• Must live in (or be willing to commute to) New York
• At least 6 months of prior document review experience


  1. I saw one for Brentwood (Long Island, NY) advertised at 9.50 per hour!

  2. They have all those demands for $29 an hour? This will not end well people, not at all!