April 7, 2012

Philadelphia law firm seeks "sharp dressing" attorney

It could be worse -- this same law firm used to pay only $25k. Given that this employer appears to have posted at least four different Craigslist ads over the past year, the firm is either growing quickly or there's a lot of quick turnover. With salaries like that, what do you think?

Attorney Wanted. I am looking for an attorney to help in my law practice in the following areas of Law:
Family Law,
Legal Malpractice,
Credit Card Law,
Tenant's Rights
and Consumer Protection.

Research skills necessary. No Experience Necessary. Great personality is more important than legal skills. Must be elegant. Must be a sharp dresser. No casuals, please. Photo appreciated, but not required. Please send resume and a short (about 5 pages) writing sample.

Location: Philadelphia
Compensation: Upto $40,000


1 comment:

  1. He hasn't filled the position at all and can't get anyone to apply. It's nice to see he relaxed the requirement about requiring a picture. It just has rape written all over it.