April 12, 2012

NY criminal appellate brief assistance requested

This job was sent to us by the employer...

I have filed a Pro Se motion to appeal my NYC criminal misdemeanor conviction and am seeking assistance regarding this Appellate brief to be completed within 30 days. Fortunately I have done the majority of the work in writing up specifics to be included within brief, which I have already typed up into 20 pages, as well as gathered evidence supporting brief.

I am requesting assistance in (1) Proofreading legal arguments so that they make sense to the Federal Appellate Court; (2) Formatting case into typical Brief/appeal document (cover, table of contents, arguments, table of authorities, etc.) normally accepted by the Federal Appellate Court; (3) Referencing case examples for arguments throughout Brief; and (4) Creating motion to provide to court to obtain additional evidence to support brief.

Email yinyangwebmaster [at] gmail.com with low fee required and minimum down payment.

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