March 23, 2012

Temporary attorney job near Penn State

This job was sent to us by a reader, who did some investigating and found: "So basically, it's $25/hour less FICA payroll taxes (15.3% as a self-employed person (double the normal 7.65% rate)) less malpractice insurance premia and no benefits or reimbursement of incidental expenses to work in the middle of nowhere in a non-at will position."

TEMPORARY/FULL-TIME: Our corporate client is seeking 2 fairly junior attorneys with about 1 - 3 years of experience and a law license in at least one state, to undertake a document review on-site in Bellefonte, PA, which is about 10 miles from University Park, State College, PA. The 2 attorneys needed would be reviewing and tagging documents for further action, at the direction of, and under the supervision of, our client. IMMEDIATE NEED. To be considered and contacted, you MUST include your 1099 hourly rate, and, your resume. Please indicate your availability to interview and to start. Indicate what duration you can do.

Follow up e-mail response from Assigned Counsel:

I'd first need you to understand and acknowledge back to me that you would not be reimbursed for travel to and from Bellefonte, or, for food/lodging in or around Bellefonte or for any other incidental expenses. You would be a pure 1099 independent contractor for the assignment.

You should also be aware that neither we, nor our client, provides professional liability insurance for you. Likewise, we do not deduct taxes from the checks you would receive for work performed, nor do we provide you with benefits of any kind. Again, this is a straight hourly rate (regardless of the number of hours worked per week), 1099 independent contractor assignment.

As to your rate: my client is seeking a very modest rate. If you could do $25/hour, please let me know.

You should also know that it is anticipated that this Temp/FT assignment would last about 3 months, so I'd need you to confirm to me that you could commit to this duration. I could submit you as someone who is able to "work Temp/FT for 3 months, and beyond that duration is negotiable," _or_ I could present you as someone who could commit to the 3 months, and also that you are fine with an "open-ended" duration, if you prefer I introduce you that way. Flexibility is always a good thing to exhibit to a client...

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