March 1, 2012

San Diego law firm seeks litigation associate trainee

This job opportunity was forwarded to us by a reader, who observes: "Billable hour requirement: 1980/year (165/mo). Wage: $35,100/year ($1350 biweekly) ... (drumroll) ... Hourly wage for billable hours only: $17.73 per hour. In comparison, my brother who has a high school diploma makes $15 per hour plus overtime. Fuck my fucking life."

Busy civil litigation firm seeks an organized, energetic, enthusiastic, creative associate to assist in motion work, discovery, and trial. We offer a base salary, and upon demonstrating skill and an aptitude for the practice of law -- a performance based bonus.

Requirements: A candidate for this position must have passed the California Bar Exam, must be of sound moral character, be reliable, hold an active bar number, and must have excellent writing skills. Demonstrable reliability and ability to meet deadlines is required. Candidates must have prior experience, either through internship, clinical education, or as law clerk. Minimum requirement of 165 hours "billable" per month. Resume's should be forwarded to the e-mail address above. Candidates must also include a writing sample. Submissions that do not include a writing sample will be deleted. Please acknowledge the pay rate and the minimum billing hours requirement in your initial communication.

Location: East County
Compensation: $1350 bi-weekly

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