March 27, 2012

Flash card writer wanted for law exam

This law job posting was sent to us by a reader, who writes: "If that one doesn't belong at the top, I don't know what does"...

I want to learn a lot about the Texas Family Code and the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure fast. My goal is to prepare to take the Board Certification Exam in family law offered by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

I learn quickly using an electronic flash card program called "Before You Know It." But I don't have time to sit down and go through the code and rules, write flash cards, and then study all the flash cards I've written. I only have time to study the flash cards you have written.

So that's the job, going through the Texas Family Code and the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, and breaking each section or rule down into a discrete question and answer that will fit neatly into the format of the "Before You Know It" flash card system.

I'll give you the money it costs to buy the software and show you many examples of the cards I have already written, so you get the idea of what I want.

If I hire you, you will compete to keep the job. That is to say, initially I will hire two people to do this job, and you two will work on the exact same set of code sections. I'll pay you each $100 and then wait one week to see the quality and quantity of cards that you produce. After I've had a chance to review your work, and that of your competitor, I'll decide who to hire to do this on a more long term basis.

Beyond my goal to take the Board Certification Exam, my goal is to develop these electronic flash cards into a system to sell to other lawyers who want to prepare for the exam. You will have to sign an intellectual property agreement just to make clear that though you've written the cards, I will retain the intellectual property rights in them.