December 30, 2011

Entry-level personal injury attorney job in Los Angeles

Thanks to the reader who submitted this...


Recently graduated law school and passed the bar?
Wondering how the heck you're supposed to pay off your loans?
Given up on winning the lottery of coveted "big-firm" $160,000 /year associate positions?
Competing for scarce/non-existent LA lawyer jobs that pay less than you were making as a non-lawyer?
Trolling around the net for those hard-to-find "no-benefit" contract projects that pay $30/hour if you're lucky?

While you're continuing to do all of that, this opening is aimed at those recent graduates who would like the opportunity to earn a healthy chunk of $$ and learn "how to fish" at the same time, by working with a reputable and experienced trial lawyer on real cases, and helping real people. Learn the skills involved in running, managing, litigating and most importantly trying (as in jury trial) a personal injury case so you can eventually be free of your $30/hour nightmare toiling for other lawyers, and ultimately work for your own clients (isn't that why you went to law school?).

This is a trial- and litigation-intensive law practice based in Los Angeles (handling cases throughout Southern California), with a unique kind of offer for the right candidate(s).

Please send resume and cover by e-mail (through Craig's), and make sure to include an e-mail address.

NOTE: Please understand that it may take several days / weeks before we can get back to you -- but we very much appreciate each of your responses, and we do go through all of them.

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