November 9, 2011

Houston attorney job

This contingency lawyer job was forwarded to us by a reader who observes: "You can tell it's a good gig because it says unique and lucrative in ALL CAPS."


This is an opportunity for an individual who possesses extraordinary talents in the legal field, and is willing to challenge the legal issues created by the dubious business practices of the mortgage bankers. This opportunity is connected with the large number of baseless foreclosures taking place in the state of Texas.

We possess an extensive knowledge base acquired as a result of thousands of hours of research, and created a system for addressing these issues. We are looking for the support of professional legal counsel willing to think outside the norm and translate this into a profitable venture.

This individual would possess the following:
1) A law degree and a bar card registered in the state of Texas.
2) A flexible schedule with spare time to learn the system, (minimum of 6 hours per week of online classes).
3) Highly Intelligent and Fast Learner.
4) Willingness to Question the Conventional Status Quo.
5) The willingness to work on a Contingency Basis.
6) Must be based in the greater Houston area.

The monetary potential in this project is staggering and the stage is already set for you to reap the benefits. If this sounds interesting to you, please respond with a full resume and list of qualifications.

Location: Greater Houston
Compensation: Contingency

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