October 17, 2011

New Hampshire attorney needed to sue government

This was passed along by a reader, who observes: "Sounds like a peach of a client."

I am in desperate need of an Attorney/Attorney's for the following reason

For a civil suit against the U.S. Department of Education.

I am on a fixed income, mentally disabled and can BARELY survive, I will be Homeless by the end of October as a result of what is happening. The Legal Advice and referral center has been useless, So has the NH Bar Association's Lawyer Referral. I have had experience as a Paralegal, before my disability got worse. So I am well aware of the phrase Pro-Bono Some one PLEASE help me before I freeze to death living in a tent.

IF you are some "CONSULTING FIRM" Do not waste my time with your attempted scams. While I am In Desperate need of assistance, I am NOT ignorant of the legal system and how things are done!


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  1. They will be lining up for the opportunity to represent this client.