October 6, 2011

Long Island legal work for recent law school grad

We are a small busy Central Nassau firm, which like most Small Central Nassau Firms is dealing with the full brunt of the economy. We have a few clients who have sent us collection cases, most of which are uncollectible, which we need to put in suit and pursue.

We are looking for a law school student, or a grad, who can take a look at these files, and under the supervision of an attorney -- draft summons and complaints, discovery responses, and motions for default. We need someone a minimum of ten hours a week, and will consider up to 35 hours a week. Pay is $10 -12 an hour.

Look I know this is no one's dream job. Hell it's not mine, but it is a resume line; you'll be doing real legal work; you won't have to tell people you don't have a job; it'll give you something to talk about on interviews; you'll be exposed to attorneys who if they like you can help you in your career, and it beats sitting home sending out resumes (You can do that from our office.)

Location: Central Nassau
Compensation: $10 --- $12 an hour


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