September 2, 2011

Work-from-home legal research job

Assistant Researcher. 40 hours per week, 13.00 -- 15.00 hourly pay based on experience. Internet access required/Telecommuting position.

We are the premier expert witness referral firm providing our law firm clients with access to experts in all fields. We manage an international consortium of approximately 100,000 academic and industry experts.

We are seeking a talented and independent researcher to join our strategic recruiting program, which identifies and recruits the expert witnesses we predict our clients will need in three to twelve months. This is a telecommuting position, as we are a virtual company.

You will focus on conducting timely internet research using rigorous methodologies and proprietary databases to quickly find experts for our expected needs. Major duties include researching topics, finding potential experts, assessing the credentials of experts, and entering that information into our database for downstream recruiting. Other research may be assigned as required, including locating and assessing data sources for licensing, assisting with writing quarterly newsletters, blogging, and survey follow-up.

Knowing Westlaw products is a huge plus.

You will need exceptional attention to detail. Proven ability to quickly and efficiently assess and support new research projects is required, as is working within a stable monthly schedule. Demonstrable experience working from home/ independently is required.

Candidates must have excellent internet and traditional research skills as well as superior communication skills. If you don't like phones, this is not the gig for you. A four-year degree is preferred, but an associate degree in a research field will be considered. AIRS certifications will be considered favorably. This is an independent contractor position. The previous four Assistant Researchers have had JDs, and an MBA, respectively, and are now employed as FT researchers in our firm.


  1. I am surprised they can find someone that speaks English for that wage. No, that's right illegal immigrants make more than that. The Mexican that works in our yard gets $15 an hour, so it could be a tie I guess if they pay you the high end of their $13-$15 scale, but then Santos, the yard worker, does not have any student loans. Higher education really pays off, at least for a MBA or JD.

    I just got back from a doctor's appointment, $160 for a 5 minute visit, should have gone medical.

  2. Day Laborers in the US make more money than that.

    Or they would not be here in the first place.