September 30, 2011

Entry-level tax attorney job in Bay Area, California

Thanks to the reader who forwarded this job. It sounds like they want attorneys to work for free until you "make a mark on the firm"...

Small law firm with extremely busy practice seeks a new associate attorney who is willing to work hard to learn every aspect of the practice of law. Prior tax experience is not necessarily required, but some familiarity with tax law and/or tax preparation is a basic qualification.

Successful applicant will be assigned to a senior attorney with over 30 years experience in all aspects of tax law and will do everything that happens in a law office from legal research and writing to document organization to deliveries. Although many of the assigned projects will be for our tax cases, additional projects may also come from the family law and general practice areas handled by the firm. The practice of law can be tedious, boring and does not always require brilliance, just hard work. If you are too important to organize documents and assemble binders for an audit, don't apply. The successful applicant needs to have a willingness to perform all of the mundane tasks that need to be done in a law office, and always with perfection.

If you are ready, willing and anxious to learn how to solve client problems and if you love tax law, we welcome your application. If you think this job fits your vision for the future and you are willing to stay with it despite its mundane and sometimes boring nature, we will look forward to meeting you. Please send your resume and a cover letter explaining why this particular job suits you better than the other applicants. Please do not send a writing sample until you are asked to do so.

This is an internship job. Compensation: $3,875/month plus discretionary monthly bonuses once you make a mark on the firm.

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