August 15, 2011

Non-admitted attorney job near Houston

Have you finished law school, just took the bar, and are sitting around waiting on the results...... and want a full-time job for at least three months or longer? If so - this might be the perfect position for you. Work in a Class A office building in Sugar Land, TX or Memorial. Work with smart people managing various developmental projects. Pay is $10 to $15 per hour. Please email us your resume and any and all standarized tests scores you have received like on the LSAT or SAT.


  1. You can make $10 per hour at McDonalds, and they don't ask for any and all of your standardized test scores. If the work is worth so little money, what difference does the applicant's resume make? Just take the first warm body that stumbles through the door, just like Wal-Mart.

  2. This is a disgrace and just manifests how incredibly bad the legal profession has become. Pretty soon, employers will expect new JD's to pay them just for the privilege of working in a law office. This law school scam will continue until BO's student loan plan crumbles (or his economy crumbles, which will probably happen very soon) and prospective law school applicants will then be forced to pay for their education out of their own pockets. That will be the end of the gravy train for those at the law school trough, subsidized entirely by Uncle Sam.