August 1, 2011

No-fault attorney jobs in Manhattan

$30k for admitted attorneys in Manhattan. Maybe if you and 7 other associates share a studio and eat mac-n-cheese every night, you can afford those loan repayments...

Boutique plaintiff No-Fault litigation firm is looking for associates with trial experience. Must possess a good command of the law of evidence as well as the substantive provisions governing PIP disputes. Should be equally skilled and proficient in arguing and writing. Salary commensurate with experience.

We are also looking for law students and inexperienced admitted attorneys for internships of 3-6 months. These will be remunerated at, respectively, minimum wage ($7.25/hr) or small salary (around $30K/yr). Those individuals that prove to be an asset can expect to receive an offer of full-time employment upon completion of the internship. If you are willing to step up to the plate and prove yourself, this is the perfect opportunity. Foreign LLMs admitted to practice in NY and allowed to work in the U.S. are particularly welcome to apply.

Feel free to provide any information or documentation that supports your application. Particularly, one or more writing samples would be welcome, but only if the following three conditions are met: 1) The papers you wish to submit are formatted as Word (.doc) or Adobe Reader (.pdf) documents; 2) These papers were used in the course of actual legal proceedings (court cases, administrative proceedings, etc.); and 3) At least half of the content was your original writing. This means that this content was neither copied (cut and pasted) from other attorneys' papers nor generated by a template.

Responses that fail to address any of the above issues will be ignored. So will tentative, evasive or not straightforward statements. If you do not possess any of the requirements mentioned above, please state so candidly and clearly.

As a growing outfit, we need flexible individuals who are willing to grow individually while the group evolves. We look for and reward individual commitment, loyalty and contribution to the Firm's progress. Please, forward your resume formatted as Word (.doc) or Adobe Reader (.pdf) document only. Conspicuously state your salary history and your current salary requirements.

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