August 18, 2011

Entry-level attorney job near San Francisco

This job was forwarded by a reader, who notes: "This employer has been brought to your attention before. This a new job posting, but now the 'ideal candidate' would be able to speak French or German fluently. And attended law school. $9/hr."

A small but fast growing law firm in Mountain View California, with a new branch office in Paris France. In addition to more than 6000 clients in the United States, we now represent more than 200 clients across Europe, many of which are startups and small businesses. We want to ensure that we regularly communicate with each of our clients, and that we have a process in place to make sure that our existing clients are happy with our services and have an attorney with whom they can regularly speak.

As such, we are looking for an entry level European Client Relations Attorneys to join our growing team. You must have excellent client relations/customer service skills, and must be able to put the needs of our clients first. Ideal candidate will have gone to law school and be able to speak French or German fluently.

This is an Entry level position in our Mountain View office, and is an excellent opportunity for a recent law graduate with a European law/international law interest to grow with our law firm. You will gain experience directly working with and managing our existing clients in a professional and courtious manner, and get a chance to join the ground floor of a fast growing law firm. You will have opportunities to work from and/or travel between our offices in Mountain View and Paris. Initially, the majority of your time will involve serving as a non-bilalble Client Relations attorney, but you will also get opportunities to help on billable matters at our firm as our requirements increase.

Small base non-billable client relations work - $9/hour, $15/hr standard flat fee non-billable trademark review work (first 3 months training period), and $40 per billable hour for billable litigation, licensing, and corporate work (when available)

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