July 28, 2011

Part-time bankruptcy attorney job near Detroit

Make an extra 60 bucks a week - huzzah!


Small out of state law firm is looking for a 1099 Associate (0-3 yrs experience) to help us with our Michigan loan modification and bankruptcy clients.

The associate will work for 2 hours per week at $30 per hour on our MI modifications (calling clients, supervising our paralegals via the loan mod software, comfort client/hand holding, consult on a potential bankruptcy) and potentially and eventually part to full-time at $30 (negotiable) per hour on the bankruptcies, short sales (and potential litigation) that result. (We can help you with all of this stuff if you have no experience :D).

The bulk of the work will come when Bankruptcies need to be filed. The associate will probably have to work on a case load of 15 (maybe a lot more) STATEWIDE MI bankruptcies per year (and probably 10 short sales). The associate would then bill our firm for all hours spent working on the (modifications and) bankruptcies including the 341 meeting, hearings and finding other attorneys per diem (per day) to attend some of the hearings and meetings.

Around 50% of our modification clients need a bankruptcy because they are underwater and need to wipe away negative equity or because they simply want to walk away without a foreclosure on their credit report and/or deficiency judgment . I assume if we move into MI the ratio will at least be the same.

Awesome way to start your own law practice or increase existing volume.

Please mention if you are licensed in other states



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  1. Nice, they are offering you the opportunity to illegally split fees on bankruptcy cases.