July 21, 2011

Law clerk job in Long Island

Translation: work for us for free for 6 weeks and we'll decide whether we want to pay you...

We are looking for a law clerk. Although the position is unpaid, you will gain valuable hands-on experience, including observing court appearances, and be trusted with significant assignments. The firm is a small general practice firm that handles divorce and matrimonial law, real estate, commercial litigation, bankruptcy, criminal defense and immigration .

Law clerks are expected to embody excellent writing and research skills, as you will be given many assignments that involve both. The position entails working Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am until 5pm. Transcript, writing sample, and resume requested.

may result in a paid position after 6 weeks training.



  1. I assume it was flagged because hiring someone to work for free (outside of the context of an internship, or the not for profit context where you clearly state you are looking for volunteers) is a flagrant violation of labor laws.

    The best part is that they wanted transcripts. Idiots.