July 7, 2011

In-house construction attorney job in NYC

A reader forwarded us the job ad below, noting: "Further proof that it's not worth the effort applying to every job posting because being unemployed is better than wasting time applying to the bogus, nonsensical crap out there. Count the logical inconsistencies (e.g., an attorney 'fresh out of college who specializes in the construction trade'), grammatical errors, and other items in this ad. WARNING: This is only fun if done while drinking the ever-affordable Mad Dog 20/20."

Looking for a comercial attorney (fresh out of college) who specializes in the construction trade. Attorney who can start standard legal procedures and follow through. We are looking to have counsel in house to over see current issues and future issues. (we are a real small construction company and ideally we are looking for new out of school employee to handle real frivilious claims. If interested please submit your resume. Please if you are seasoned, established, former DA'S etc... DO NOT APPLY. At best we are looking for a high end para legal who knows his / her way around all paper work.


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