June 19, 2011

Entry-level personal injury attorney job in Chicago

This job was submitted by multiple readers, one of whom notes "It's a dollar below minimum wage." No wonder some Illinois attorneys allegedly have to moonlight as hookers!

Small persona linjury law firm seeking an entry level associate attorney. The candidate must be licensed to practice law in Illinois. The job pays $1000.00 per month. Some experience in handling personal injury matter is encouraged. However, experience is not necessary, the law firm will training the attorney to handle personal injury matters. The candidate will work 5 days per week for approximately 40 hours . The candidate will learn to handle personal injury cases from start to finish. The candidate will attend court callls, draft complaints, interrogatories, conduct research, argue and draft motions, prepare for and attend trials, and depositions. If you are seeking real experience, over a large salary, this position is for you!

Compensation: $1000.00 per month based on 40 hours per week.


1 comment:

  1. Illinois minimum wage is $8.25. Let's see:

    Receive 12 x $1000 = $12,000
    Work 52 weeks x 40 hrs/week = 2,080 hours

    $12,000/2,080 = $5.77/hr