May 26, 2011

Spanish-speaking eviction defense attorney job in Oakland

We're a nonprofit law corporation that defends low-income tenants in their eviction actions with a focus on jury trials. We charges a small fee for services, from a sliding scale based on income, and all services for Berkeley tenants are free. The office is staffed by an Executive Director, 3 Litigation Attorneys, an amazing Office Manager, and occasionally an intern.

We are hiring a Litigation Attorney who is proficient in Spanish. We will accept applicants waiting on February 2011 bar results. To be an attorney you must be a well-organized, detail oriented, multi-tasking, fierce and fearless advocate who can hold your own in highly adversarial situations. You must be dedicated to serving the low-income community, and you must have a strong belief that ALL poor people deserve aggressive representation in court when they stand to lose something as important as their housing. You must have a heart of gold, an insane sense of humor, and the ability to work in high stress situations with clients in crisis. ONLY ACTIVISTS NEED APPLY! Proficiency in Spanish is mandatory. Starting salary between $36,000-$40,000, depending on experience, new attorneys are welcome to apply! Once on permanent staff, health benefits, and undying love and affection included. After two years, a modest loan repayment assistance program and 403b retirement account kicks in. Part-time (4 days a week with pro-rated salary) negotiable.

We are an energetic, diverse, left-leaning group of fun-loving people who have eachothers' backs through thick and thin and love our job. We hope you join us!

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  1. With that salary, you'll be representing your neighbors.