April 26, 2011

Work-from-home attorney job

Thanks to the reader who submitted this:

We are a start up US based company and we need to be associated with a US based lawyer or attorney. Since we are a start up we can only afford to pay around $10-15 per hour for an attorney and the hours per month would be close to 15 hours. The hours and hourly would grow as our company grows.

We are ok with with a fresh lawyer someone who wants to start up on odesk and build a good profile with us. We also do not mind experienced lawyers applying if the rate is ok to them.

Your role would mostly include reviewing our contracts and agreements and signing those if needed as our attorney. We will obviously put in more legal work in your plate as our company grows but for right now this will mostly be it. You can work on this project along with your other jobs and make some extra bucks.

The communication will take place via email, skype or phone and we will only reach you when you are available. We are very flexible with the timing and usually will give you a lot of time to review and sign contracts.



  1. They need a proofreader more than they need a lawyer.

  2. Are they on crack?