April 5, 2011

Document review attorney job in New York City

Law firm seeks attorneys and J.D.'s with strong financial background and document review experience, preferably on Concordance, to work on a long term project basis to assist in the review and analysis of documents in connection with pending litigation. Hires will be compensated at a rate of $15 - 20 per hour commensurate with experience and will start immediately.


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  1. My high school aged son makes more than that as a summer camp counselor. Heck he makes about an extra $1,000 for a summer's work just being a bus counselor on the bus he takes to and from work. Free transportation too.

    Plus he gets a uniform, breakfast, lunch and snacks and swims three times a day with the kids.

    Oh and he makes tips at the end from all of the parents. They love him so he ends up doing quite well for a couple of months work.