March 24, 2011

Entry-level social security attorney job in L.A.

Nation Wide Law Firm is offering hands-on experience in the Social Security Legal Field. Most new attorneys will spend 3-5 years at a firm before getting the kind of experience we are offering with our 6 month internship program.

The Internship
• Helping real people with real problems
• You will be working directly with the clients
• You will be acting as a liaison with apposing counsel
• You will undergo classroom training in addition to hands-on experience
• You will learn about case management
• There will be some admin work, for example acquiring medical records of the client
• We prepare you to represent client in front of a judge within six (6) months
• Our goal is to get you in front of a judge within three (3) – but the time it takes is up to you
This is a great opportunity to use your law degree to accomplish something meaningful.

The Firm Offers
(In addition to the internship)
• Full benefits including: 401k, health insurance, gym membership, paid sick and vacation time
• Training programs
• Opportunity to get legal articles published
• Mentoring program
• Recommendation letters for future employment

• Unfortunately at this time, we are only able to take on those who are members of the bar
• Minimum 6 month commitment
• Must be interested in helping those in need of help

• $2,200/month + monthly bonuses and incentives
• Full Time position

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