February 25, 2011

Philadelphia attorney needed for lawsuit

This job was submitted to us:


I am a resident of Philadelphia living in an apartment complex. The building has no real ceilings, only soft, rectangular panels. The noise coming from above is excessive. I can hear when he coughs every time.

It is drastically ruining my quality of life. My grades are suffering, and my doctor knew something was wrong when I went for a regular checkup. (I didn't even tell her about the problem but she knew I looked terrible from lack of sleep.)

He won't be silent after 11pm (I'm not sure what the law is, maybe it's 10pm, but he goes to bed at 12am - 2am most nights). He wakes up and makes more noise and listens to radio every morning at 6am.

I am pretty sure he is on drugs because when I tried to talk to him one time, he came out and was extremely talkative and kept smacking his lips because his mouth was dry. He was saying nonsensical, manic things.

He also is living with someone many nights but denies it (that would be a violating of his lease).

The landlord has made things worse, as I suspected. She got him angry at me because he found out it was I who complained about him, and she didn't handle the situation carefully.

She finally offered to let me leave my lease, but I can’t find a place to live during the off season in the university. She offered me a more expensive unit on a lower floor which I cannot afford. I finally convinced her to insulate the ceiling, which ended up doing nothing to the noise that comes through.

I had to stay at a hotel because I had so little sleep and two midterm exams and I couldn’t find any time to sleep without skipping class so I could sleep while he’s at work.

We are setting up a mediation, and I would appreciate help in knowing what I should say or what I should ask for.

I want to sue him for damages, and get reimbursed for the hotel and the nuisance he’s causing. I would like to sue the landlord and have them bear the cost of my moving to a new complex. I'm not sure what the options are. It’s a combination of the building being crappy and the person above not being respectful, it’s not all one cause, so it makes it more difficult I think.

Thanks for your time and help.

Contact info: ero@wharton.upenn.edu

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