February 23, 2011

Legal research job in Colorado Springs

Immediate opening for Legal Research Analyst.

1. Research the statutes, regulations and court rules of all U.S. states and territories, constructing Boolean strings to search our proprietary databases, in order to identify their varied treatment of potential multi-state clients activities.
2. Produce Microsoft Excel charts, citing the provisions that you discover and indicating distinctions between the states based upon your shorthand characterization of approaches that states may follow in addressing surveyed topics.
3. Meet and regularly exceed quality and metrics/production standards as established from time to time.
4. Demonstrate and continuously develop excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work in a team environment.
5. Master editorial processes and policies as they pertain to your team, its products and customers.
6. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of state code products, secondary analytical sources and their uses.
7. Provide leadership, training and mentor less experienced team members.
8. Assist supervisory personnel in troubleshooting and resolving complex process, policy and scheduling issues.
9. Adapt to challenges presented by special projects assigned to team in order to assure project success.
10. Perform additional tasks as assigned.
We are an equal employment opportunity employer. You can view all of our jobs online at http://www.appleone.com/?sc=11&id=578041

Job Experience:
1. Significant experience, education and/or training in legal research.
2. In-depth knowledge of legislative and administrative rulemaking procedures and their effects.
3. Advanced skill utilizing legal research software and MS Offic Searchable

Pay: $0-$25 per hour


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