January 14, 2011

Unpaid bankruptcy/immigration attorney job

Long Beach Law Firm which does Immigration and Bankruptcy Law is looking for at least a 2nd year law student or law graduate or applicant awaiting the Bar. Additionally, for those attorneys who just passed the Bar or would like to learn another area of law and would like some hands on experience. This is an unpaid internship, but will allow you to obtain great experience in research and writing. Applicant will have to prepare briefs, declarations, affidavits and research memorandum. There will be both client contact and interaction with the attorney directing the projects. Must have great research and writing skills.

Please do not apply for this internship position if you are not at least a second year law student.

This internship can be done from anywhere you have internet access and in any State in the U.S. It can be done if you also have a part-time job, but want more research and writing experience. All files, assignments and research materials will be sent via e-mail and links. Work out of the comfort of your home while gaining valuable experience.


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